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* Author Topic: Melinda- my beautiful toilet [Kscans]  (Read 9626 times)


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Melinda- my beautiful toilet [Kscans]
« on: October 03, 2012, 03:35:56 PM »
Melinda- my beautiful toilet
Melinda- my beautiful toilet

Genre: Peeing
Studio: Kscans
Resolution: 640 480
Length: 00:29:13
Video: MPEG-4 Visual, 1571 Kbps, 25.000 fps
Audio: MPEG Audio , 96.0 Kbps , 32.0 KHz, 2 channels

Melinda is a beautiful girl. Lovely eyes and a great personality. It was always uncertain about whether Melinda would agree to a K Bitches shoot. Well she did and it was great fun. It was hard to believe as she kneeled in front of Captain K that she was happy for him to use her mouth for his personal toilet.
Our favourite part was the shoot called Ball Suck Piss Up. Melinda was sucking Captain K's balls whilst he pissed upwards into the air . The golden shower fell down onto Melinda's hair and face. Some of the photo shots are really good of this. Well, Captain K likes them! Hopefully some other people will enjoy them too.

File size: 860.9 MB
Download Melinda- my beautiful toilet


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Kscans - Sophie Sweet
« Reply #1 on: January 04, 2013, 12:29:24 PM »
Kscans - Sophie Sweet
Kscans - Sophie Sweet
Release Year: 2010
Genres:  Peeing
Video language: English

Sophie Sweet is a 19 year old model and without doubt, she is the prettiest that Captain K has shot so far. Cameron, our modeling assistant was there to help us along with the shoot. Sophie Sweet is a fashion model who has done a few soft solo and girl/girl magazine shoots. But this was her first experience of a hard shoot. Things settled in well - Sophie Sweet had a great attitude but she was very nervous. Cameron is great at keeping the models happy and it was not long before we started to push the edge.

After talking it over for a while, the girls agreed that it would be best to get straight into the hard anal shots. The idea being that there is only a limited amount of stretching that a girl's asshole will take during a days shoot - and it is best to get the big objects out of the way first. Well the black baseball bat is rather too much of an anal shock for a newcomer and so we started with the steel rod.

A little pussy work to begin with, but as you will know by now, the Captain is an ass man through and through. His philosophy? A woman's pussy is for her pleasure; her asshole is for his. Not that a beautiful pussy isn't a wonderful thing, especially when it's experiencing a bit of gentle cunt ripping - but an asshole remains an asshole!

It was not long before the black baseball bat scene started. Imagine the Captain's pleasure at seeing a beautiful blonde model with her feet up around her neck, exposing her pink puckered asshole for an impossibly large object. Think of all those prick teasing blondes you have met in your life. Wouldn't you just love to be able to give them something like this to remember?

Cameron did a great job of opening up Sophie Sweet's asshole and getting the baseball bat inside. We hope you enjoy the scene. Sophie Sweet didn't. The greatest part was seeing Sophie Sweet right at the edge - asking Cameron not to put any more in, but Cameron just worked it up her asshole all the time. Leaving Sophie Sweet to make only little whimpering noises. Sophie Sweet also did some great ass to mouth work. Everything that went out of her ass went straight in her mouth. And the end of a shoot, that included such a heavy anal work out. The end came with the anal speculum. It was too sharp at the edges and hurt the inside off her asshole. We had to cut the scene early, but it didn't stop us making Sophie Sweet take the speculum from her ass to her mouth all the same.

The shooting went on to some great fisting and fetish shots. Captain K loved the peeing scenes. Look at Sophie Sweet with her glass of pee - and yes it is the real yellow stuff (look how cloudy her pee is!). We almost got her to taste it, but she decided that was too much for her first Captain K shooting! Sophie also looks great in the anal douche scenes. God she was embarrassed by these scenes. The models have never done anything like this in front of another model or any one else before. It takes them right beyond their comfort zone!

Also look out for the behind the scenes shots - Cameron was ordering a Pizza on the phone - and Sophie obligingly bends forward and spreads her ass cheeks for the camera. Nothing faked - just pure 'behind the scene' heaven. Now that's my kind of fashion model!

Sophie Sweet is a 19 year old model and without doubt, she is the prettiest that Captain K has shot s
File size: 644.6 MB
Download Kscans - Sophie Sweet


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